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Phil & Helen Kornick

  • Have been married 36 years as of May 2021.

  • They have been volunteering with marriage recovery programs since 2007

  • Launched their own non-profit Tikkun HaBriet in 2018.

  • They have participated as lay leadership overseeing over 16 weekend retreats and hundreds of workshops since 2009.

  • As marriage mentors, we do not offer therapy or clinical support. We are peer coaches.

  • They were privilege to near witness and mentor and nurture hundreds of couples from crisis to recover to thriving marriages. 



PHIL (he/his)


  • Phil brings his experience and lessons learned of

    • Communication

    • Identifying and sharing his feelings

    • Open and honest listening skills

  • His strengths are

    • He has a dry Dad style of humor

    • Trained critical thinker and analyst

    • Enjoys being a bit of a clown to keep things lighthearted in uncomfortable situations.


HELEN​. (she/her)

  • Helen brings her experience and lessons learned of

    • Forgiveness as a daily exercise of self and others​

    • Sharing her feelings concisely

    • Identifying her needs

  • Her strengths are

    • her intuition about people

    • problem solving

    • compassion and acceptance without measure for everyone she meets.

      "Phil and Helen bring their hearts into each relationship they are entrusted to nurture. " - Trudy H

They have witnessed some amazing results,

  • "We've had couples attend who got divorced and then remarried,"  - Phil

  • "Even people who have been on their way to get divorced the week after the retreat and called off the divorce eventually because they found value and hope for their marriage and their future like us ."- Z.K

  • “Some couples who came to the program with the intent to learn how to speak civilly to each other during the divorce process, They later invited us to their vow renewal ceremony and party after experiencing the hope and support to work out things in their marriage.” - Phil

  • "If you've fallen out of love, in a rut, or feel like your situation is beyond hope," Helen says, "This program will offer you the tools, strategies and a new mindset to rediscover why you married the love of your life in the first place."

For more information, contact Phil and Helen Kornick at 847-290-1880 or 

Tikkun HaBriet is an organization committed to the continued nurturing of healthier marriages and is empowered by the mitzvah of sharing our stories, talents and gifts to promote and spread the healing and source of hope through our Tikkun HaBriet community.

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Tikkun HaBriet is a 501(c)(3) Organization


Tikkun HaBriet is not a marriage counseling service or program. Rather, we are designed as a supplement to the mental health professionals’ work. We see ourselves as a proactive approach to healthier relationships.   Our presenters and facilitators are not trained counselors or therapists, but volunteer couples sharing their personal experiences of marital struggles and the tools they used to repair their marriages. Tikkun HaBriet is a peer to peer support program and a community of like-minded couples who want to experience growth and enrichment in their relationships.. 

The buoy in the Tiikkun HaBriet logo is used with permission  from Retrouvaille International