Who We Are

We are Helen and Phil Kornick- founders of Tikkun HaBriet. We have been married for 35 years, raised 2 children and have been through some of life's toughest challenges:

>  Financial disruptions and infidelity

>  Medical challenges

>  Employment and unemployment

>  Losing a business

>  Mental health concerns

>  Losing our daughter to cancer. 


Though in many ways, we are just your average couple living in the Midwest. We have found strength and answers to our struggles, foibles and daily challenges through the support of our community of marriage coaches and members. We now want to help you by empowering you to have the tools and strategies to solve your solvable problems and be proactive to prevent major crisis from impacting your marriage. 

More About Us 

Our Mission 

Tikkun HaBriet is an organization committed to the continued nurturing of healthier marriages and is empowered by the gathering of our talents and gifts to promote and spread the healing and source of hope through our Tikkun HaBriet community.

Our Vision

Tikkun HaBriet is where we, as a hurting couple, found hope. We are passionately committed to teaching and supporting other couples as they rediscover their love through personal growth, diligent hard work and the help of a supportive community. We strongly believe that the peace-filled heart of each couple will determine the heart of the family, the soul of the community and peace in our world. Join us as we make this our shared vision for all of us, a reality.

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Tikkun HaBriet is a 501(c)(3) Organization


Tikkun HaBriet is not a marriage counseling service or program. Rather, we are designed as a supplement to the mental health professionals’ work. We see ourselves as a proactive approach to healthier relationships.   Our presenters and facilitators are not trained counselors or therapists, but volunteer couples sharing their personal experiences of marital struggles and the tools they used to repair their marriages. Tikkun HaBriet is a peer to peer support program and a community of like-minded couples who want to experience growth and enrichment in their relationships.. 

The buoy in the Tiikkun HaBriet logo is used with permission  from Retrouvaille International