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Comprehensive Relationship Nurturing

The WORKSHOP series is for relationships that need more problem solving skills.

The WORKSHOP sessions are:

  1. ​Orientation - This session prepares you with a communication tool and presents a framework that the remaining sessions are based on.

  2. Assessing Our Materials

    1. Family of Origin​ - What we bring to our marriage from our experiences of marriage and family from our life as children.

    2. Ideals and Values - Learn what the differences are between an Ideal and a Value and how they apply to our relationships. 

  3. Decisions - This session covers the 4 major decisions in a relationship     1.   Decision to Commit​ (the Covenant)     2.  Decision to.Love    
       3.   Decision to Forgive                                 4.  Decision to Trust​​

  4. Conflict and Anger Management - This session introduces a conflict management tool and discusses anger management.

  5. Intimacy and Sexual Relationship - This session discusses the difference between intimacy and sex

  6. The Five Love Languages & Jewish Marriage Values -

    1. Looking at the personal values and where they intersect with Jewish Marriage concepts

    2. A presentation of Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages.  It will teach  what your and your spouses love languages are and how to appropriately speak your spouse's love language.


We currently do not have an Extended Tune Up session planned.   Please contact us to express interest for us to plan.


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