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About our Workshop Offerings

Tikkun HaBriet is for Couples in Need of a Tune Up
or a Rebuild of Their Relationship

Just as our cars work best with regular scheduled maintenance so can your marriage.

The Tikkun HaBriet program is for all couples in a committed relationship.  

Couples of all faiths and those with no faith tradition are welcome and respected and are encouraged to attend. . The ultimate goal of Tikkun HaBriet is to help couples nurture healthier marriages.

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Check Up

If you could use some fresh ideas to help nurture and reflect on what your strengths and challenges in your marriage or committed relationship,

Learn through humor, video clips and games about our Building Blocks of Healthy Marriages.

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Monthly Gathering/Date Night

We are welcoming all  to enjoy our monthly date night of fun, connections to new friends, and relationship insights.  We love to laugh and keep it fun and light. 

This event is a mix of social time and discussions about our relationships.  There is also a short presentation on a topic related to nurturing relationships.  

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