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About our Workshop Offerings

Tikkun HaBriet is for Couples in Need of a Tune Up
or a Rebuild of Their Relationship

Just as our cars work best with regular scheduled maintenance so can your marriage.

The Tikkun HaBriet program is for all couples in a committed relationship.  

Couples of all faiths and those with no faith tradition are welcome and respected and are encouraged to attend. . The ultimate goal of Tikkun HaBriet is to help couples nurture healthier marriages.

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Check Up

If you could use some fresh ideas to help nurture and reflect on what your strengths and challenges in your marriage or committed relationship,

Learn through humor, video clips and games about our Building Blocks of Healthy Marriages.

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Monthly Gathering/Date Night

We are welcoming all  to enjoy our monthly date night of fun, connections to new friends, and relationship insights.  We love to laugh and keep it fun and light. 

This event is a mix of social time and discussions about our relationships.  There is also a short presentation on a topic related to nurturing relationships.  

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TUNE UP Series of Workshops

These Tune Up workshops are for couples who just need a tune up in specific areas of their relationship.  Register for 3 workshops at one time and receive a $50 discount.  Register for 6 workshops at one time and get $100 discount.

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Communicating From The Heart

We will guide you through their series of presentations with humor, and honesty about making the most of your connection and desire to make meaningful conversations.  We will introduce you to an innovative approach to daily communication designed to improve intimacy and trust.  

This workshop is targeted to any couple who is looking to do different to get different in their relationship and understanding of each other. We will be exploring how our feelings impact our responses and our responses impact our feelings. We will be using a tool known as dialog that includes writing to each other and listening to each other with an open mind and open heart. 

If you really want to understand what is going on with your loved one, register now to connected with each other using our communication of the heart method. It will help you improve your  understanding of each other which in turn can improve your trust and intimacy.  Authentic communication is the foreplay to a healthier and more intimate marriage.


This workshop includes a privately scheduled 20 minutes follow up  with Phil and Helen within the 2 weeks after this workshop. At that time we will be able to support and encourage you in the continued value of this tool.


This class is the introduction of our Tune-Up series 

Please note: It is the prerequiste for the conflict management workshop as well.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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Family of Origin and Values vs Ideals

We will help you learn to understand the impact of our Family of Origin.  We can then explore how your personality, self esteem and communication styles are reflected in the influences of our Family of Origin.  We will also be looking at your individual and shared needs, expectations, values and ideals.  This will open your relationship up to the opportunities for more authentic and open understanding of where you are each coming from and where you want to go as a couple.


No upcoming events at the moment
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Decisions to Love Trust, Forgive and Commit

The daily work of being in a marriage involves 4 simple decisions.  Simple in concept, but complex when it about your marriage. Whether we decide or not, we are acting on our choices. 


We will explore the empowerment of making these decisions. The impact of your individual choices will grow and deepen the health of your relationship and your intimacy. These decisions to love, trust, forgive and commit to our marriage will look, sound and feel different for each of you. As a couple, you can start to see them in action in your relationship and feel the gifts of those decisions in your daily life.

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No upcoming events at the moment
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Intimacy & Sex

Did you know that Intimacy and Sex are not the same? We will request that you attend fully clothed (at least on screen).  We will show you how better intimacy will lead to a more fulfilling sex life and a healthier marriage.

Intimacy is an important aspect to every marriage. We learn to appreciate the gift of marital intimacy and explore ways to improve intimacy in our relationship. True intimacy reflects the quality of all aspects of our lives together. We explore fidelity, quantity, and quality time as well as the roles that affirmation, couple rituals, physical touch, fun, and trust play in the development of intimacy. Sexual intimacy is also discussed as we help create an understanding of the important role that sex plays in building a healthy marriage.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts are unavoidable in relationships.  You are still two unique individuals. Bring your boxing gloves to this workshop.  We will show you how to navigate a Win-Learn from your conflicts.

Inevitably conflict enters every marriage. We explore our behaviors that interfere with managing conflict and healthy confrontation. A conflict management technique is introduced which goes beyond dialogue and starts us on the road toward a practical method of discussion and problem solving. We then learn how to share our feelings, discuss our ideas and thoughts, and decide on a plan of action to begin to resolve conflicts. Most importantly, we have to ‘DO’ or develop a plan of action. We also take a look at healthy ways of managing anger during this session.


Knowing the Dialogue Method is a pre=requisite for this workshop.  Part of the Communating From The Heart workshop

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No upcoming events at the moment

The 5 Love Languages

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate is a 1992 book by Gary Chapman. It outlines five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love, which Chapman calls "love languages". They are acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation.


This workshop will help you identify your love language which you can share with your wife/partner. Once you know your spouses love language and use it, you will be able to ensure their Love Tank is always full.

Please express interest in this program.  Once we get 5 couples interested we will plan the series

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This is for couples that need to restore their relationship from the ground up. If your marriage is falling apart or heading for separation or divorce.  This program can address and redirect your relationship back on a healthier track with a more intense focus on recovery and healing from deep wounds, trauma or betrayal.  The TIKKUN series includes:

1) A weekend retreat 

2) Six workshop sessions (every two weeks)

3) 12 Monthly Gathering sessions

Please express interest in this program.  Once we get 10 couples interested we will plan the series

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