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The Tikkun Series is for Couples that are Struggling in Their Relationship and Want it Repaired and Nurtured

The Tikkun Series is comprised of three parts:

  1. Tikkun HaBriet Weekend

  2. The Workshop Sessions

  3. Monthly support (CORE)

We will schedule this program once we get 10 couples

interested.  Please contact us.

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The Tikkun HaBriet Weekend (Repairing the Covenant)

                Tikkun HaBriet begins with a Weekend Experience in which couples are given an opportunity to re-establish communication and to gain new insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple.  Weekends are typically held at a local hotel. This part of the program is presented by three couples and a Rabbi or Cantor. The presenting team has experienced disillusionment, pain, and conflict in their own lives and offer hope as they share their personal struggles of reconciliation and healing.  Couples experience insight to how they may enrich and expand how they experience their marriage.


IF YOU ARE IN A ROUGH PATCH, You will find courage and strength in the realization that you are not alone in your struggle.  You will never be asked to share your problems with anyone else. However, you will be encouraged to put the past behind you and to look beyond any hurt and pain, in order to rediscover each other in a new and positive way.  The Tikkun HaBriet Weekend provides tools to help couples with communication, exploring forgiveness, and trust. We offer a new perspective on problem solving and hope for better connection ahead.

NOTE OF WHAT THIS WEEKEND IS and IS NOT  -The weekend is not a spiritual retreat, a marriage encounter or marriage seminar.  Although it does have characteristics of each of these, this weekend offers so much more.  The team presenters share how they were able to grow from their struggles and enable you to take a serious look at many areas of your relationship.  The team does not provide marriage advice, but does provide practical tools and are a living example of how using these tools can improve your marriage.  They will share how they were able to benefit from these techniques themselves. After each presentation, you will have a chance for reflection and discussion in complete privacy with your spouse back in your room during the scheduled breaks in the presentations.  


The Workshop Sessions

A series of follow-up Workshop sessions are the next important phase of the Tikkun HaBriet (Repairing the Covenant) learning process. Any hurt and pain of a struggling marriage or life long patterns and habits cannot be changed in a single weekend experience.

The Workshop Phase includes a series of 12 2-hour talks by presenting couples that expand on the weekend concepts.   These talks are typically presented in 6 weekly sessions.   


The weekend is not a miracle cure; therefore, the Workshop Phase has been designed to continue the marital renewal that may have begun on the weekend.  


The Workshop Phase is crucial, maybe even critical, to the improvement of the marriage. During the workshop sessions, the techniques learned on the weekend is further developed and is used to explore additional areas of the marriage relationship including areas of concern, problem solving and conflict resolution techniques

Monthly Support (CORE)


The final phase is a monthly small-group support meeting called CORE -Continuing Our R'fuah {Healing} Experience.

It allows for a casual and supportive interaction with couples who have attended the Tikkun HaBriet program.  These monthly gatherings continue to reinforce the communication tools learned on the weekend. It is a positive and welcoming space that allows couples to form strong and lasting bonds as they continue to explore aspects of their marriages and glean support from each other as a community of like-minded people who value the work required to maintain and enrich their marriages. Twelve month subscription included in the Tikkun Package.

We will schedule this program once we have 10 couples interested.

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