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Relationship Survey

Does your marriage include these building blocks?

  • Spend quality and quantity TIME TOGETHER

  • Frequently AFFIRM each other

  • Celebrate each other's UNIQUENESS and GROWTH

  • Respect each other’s expressions of SPIRITUALITY

  • Have a sense of PLAY and HUMOR

  • Value INTIMACY and having a satisfying SEXUAL RELATIONSH

  • COMMUNICATE and LISTEN easily and well

  • Approach CONFLICT constructively as a learning experience


  • FLEXIBLE and OPEN to life as it happens

  • COMMITMENT to your Covenant of marriage

  • Have a deep sense of TRUST

  • Continue to experience FORGIVENESS

  • Have a SUPPORT SYSTEM of others who encourage your marriage


We hope you check off all or most of the building blocks. 

  • If just a few are unchecked, you may just need our TUNE UP Series

  • If there are several unchecked, you may need more than a Tune Up,
    you may want to consider our EXTENDED TUNE UP series.

  • If most are unchecked and you feel that you need considerable change in the relationship, you may want to consider our TIKKUN program.

  • If you are not sure about which program is right for you
    then start by signing up for our CHECK UP Program or contact us.

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